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Canada Confesses is a project transforming anonymous online confessions into a movement that creates positive change. It engages in conversation with everyone: marginalized and non-marginalized communities. Canada is considered an inclusive and multicultural society, which often obscures the experiences of marginalized populations. The majority of social injustices often go neglected due to oppressive systems. When an event disrupts collective consciousness, it is often met with a surprise from the public though it happens daily. We felt it was essential to do this project because the COVID-19 pandemic made systemic injustices in Canada more visible and increased our usage of virtual spaces. This motivated the cofounders of Canada Confesses, two Black Undergrad students with a vision for a sustainable and equitable Canada, to create a platform that can connect and amplify changemakers. 

Nancy and Priscilla, the cofounders, launched Canada Confesses on February 19, 2021. They met in October 2020 at On-Site Placement’s Diversity Awareness & Skill Building Youth Program. This program expanded their knowledge on diverse topics through educational workshops and activities and improved their project management and advocacy skills. Since its launch in February  2021, Canada Confesses has amassed an audience reach of over 16,000 people, curated over 400 resources and formed close partnerships with over 30 organizations from the grassroots to the international levels. Our plans to grow in Diversity and Inclusion, advocacy and allyship are to hold dialogues with people from all walks of life, including the media, policymakers, political representatives, and up-and-coming leaders in all institutions. We believe that building a sustainable and equitable Canada concerns us all, so we’re trying to get as many people involved. We’re still expanding, sharing confessions and resources, and making partnerships. With a diverse team of over 40 volunteers and allies from coast to coast, we’re growing exponentially and ensuring our advocacy work is grounded in inclusive values, policies, and practices.

Our plan for this project is to expand to include post-secondary institutions. The youth right now is in school, watching, learning, and wanting to practice their skills. By partnering through post-secondary institution placement programs, we hope to inspire up-and-coming youth to start their journey through social justice. To grow in diversity and inclusion, advocacy and allyship, we want our volunteers and our audience to be leaders in social justice by taking a proactive approach to issues in their communities. We've observed people's approach to online activism by getting involved with learning opportunities, connecting people with resources, and volunteering with local organizations. If you interact with social media, news, or are just online, there are opportunities to make your digital presence meaningful. If you want to get started, visit and connect with our partners, read through our resource database, or volunteer with us to use your writing, design, or marketing skills to be a part of a global movement. 

But don’t just take our word for it; hear from some of our current volunteers!

What does Canada Confesses mean to you?

Jinxin (she/her), Outreach Volunteer: Canada Confesses, helps me acquire a sense of achievement while pushing the project forward with a group of caring, ambitious coordinators. I am always excited to learn from other talented volunteers as well.

Nicole (she/her), Director of Outreach: Canada Confesses, means creating safe spaces for everyone to have a voice, especially those who might find it difficult to express themselves at times.

Brie (she/her), Director of Resources: Canada Confesses, is a precious resource for social justice issues, creating a movement of sustainable change.

Why should others get involved with the project (volunteer or project participant)? 

Jinxin (she/her), Outreach Volunteer: The leadership at CC is well organized, and people are understanding, which leaves flexibility to fit volunteering in life and study.

Nicole (she/her), Director of Outreach: Canada Confesses, is a highly accessible way to make an impact in your community because everything is online! It doesn't matter where you live; everyone can take part. It's also a great way to meet others and interact with other people who are passionate about social justice.

Brie (she/her), Director of Resources: Getting involved creates a ripple effect. The more people who are passionate and educated about social issues, the greater the overall impact of Canada Confesses.

Initially conceived as a captstone project for OSP's Diversity Program, Canada Confesses has grown by leaps and bounds and is making on impression on Canadians. With a stated mission of connecting sustainable action to create a movement of change, Canada Confesses amplifies the message of inclusivity and provides resources for change.  If you would like to learn more about the initiative, or get involved, please check out their website at www.

If you are inspired by this project, create your own diversity project in your own community!  Go to for for more information on how to participate in our Diversity Awareness program!

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