Client Services

How can OSP help you?

We have many services and programs available to help individuals experiencing barriers to work.  Our clients are each unique and face individual challenges. At OSP, we work with each of our clients to empower them to achieve their goals. Whether you are looking for casual labour, certifications, job search assistance, resume help, or you are just having trouble finding work and you don't know how to target your search and sell your strengths and skills, we can help!

With the support of the OSP team, clients will be ready to start the next phase of their employment journey. 

I am interested!

If you would like to sign up for one of our programs, please fill out the intake form (link to form is below.)

This will allow us to understand what you are looking for before we meet!

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Resource Centre

A career and employment resource centre.


We have launched a new initiative providing specific services to companies who value the hard-work and dedication of our pool of staff. If you're looking for casual on-call employment opportunities that will provide you with ongoing work, click on the link for more information.

Prioritized Employment Preparation Services (PEPS Program)

Provides employment services and mentorship to help Albertans struggling with mental health challenges get back to work or education.

Diversity & Inclusion Youth Program

For aspiring youth interested in expanding their skills in leadership, outreach, and advocacy for a diverse city.

Unsure how to start your journey?

Contact us and one of our Team Members will be happy to help!