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Prioritized Employment Preparation Services

Are you having trouble finding work in the Leduc / Nisku area?
Or do you already have work but the paycheque just isn't stretching far enough anymore? We are here to help you target your employment search and get you to your goals!

Young woman on Leduc main street looking thoughtful with a caption that says "Looking for work in Leduc/Nisku?

Good News!
You can get employment support at our new Leduc location

8, 5901 - 50th St
Leduc, AB | T9E 8E3 

(780) 769-0700
Leduc email: leducpeps@osp.ab.ca

It may be a new location, but there will be some familiar faces, and we will continue to offer client-centred employment services to support you to your employment goals. We are excited to work with you!

"Prioritized Employment Preparation Services" is quite a mouthful, which is why we call it "PEPS" for short! But the name reflects a core strategy which is this: In any given area, the top five hiring sectors can include up to 90% of the total jobs available. If you are looking for work, it just makes sense to target those first!

For Leduc / PEPS, we researched the top five within 15 kilometers and again within 25 kilometers to accommodate for potential tranportation limitations. Simple, right?


With PEPS Leduc, you will identify and target high hiring sectors in your area that suit your job skills and interests. Still need qualifications to get yourself to where you want to be? No problem!

We can get you on your path to success by assisting you to up-skill; enrolling and paying for industry specific certifications, supporting you to an initial job placement, and simply providing assistance to you so you are better prepared to sell yourself and your skills to potential employers.

 Leduc Prioritized Occupational Sectors

A listing of 4 prioritized employment sectors
a list of seven pioritized sectors

Wait. There's more...

Our job is not done the minute you determine your career goals.

 That's only one of the steps to get you to where you want to be.

If you have been looking for work for a while with no success or just starting your job search, and maybe it has been a while, you may be feeling overwhelmed and struggling to make the transition happen.

Our free workshops, individual career advising, mental health supports, and certification credits will help you develop a plan, get started and give you support all the way until you achieve your goals!

The Program offers

PEPS Workshops

  • Interactive sessions
  • enhance your understanding of the current labour market
  • career planning
  • networking
  • navigating the hidden job market and more!

Other Supports

  • PPE and other employment necessities *
  • Certifications/exposure courses*
  • Support for accessing DRES
  • Pre-packaged information on high hiring sectors

*offered on a limited funding basis if needed for employment

Career Advising

  • Qualified professional advisor
  • Individualized career advising sessions
  • Access to career and personality assessments,
  • Resume development support
  • Interview preparation
  • Job maintenance supports
  • Mental Health supports and referrals

PEPS Client Feedback

"There were countless... items and situations during which the joy of working with OSP shone through and it would take me too long to list all such items! I ended up getting the job that OSP helped me out with so much. Based on my experience, I cannot thank.... or recommend OSP enough. "

Mo, Edmonton, AB

Let's Help you Begin!

Reach out today to speak to an advisor!

If you feel like you need support in your employment journey, but don't know how to get started, we are happy to work with you to determine your options!

Contact Us!

We would love to chat to discuss your employment goals and explore how can best provide support. You can start your journey by reaching out to us for more information. An advisor will be available to support your in your next steps. Please reach out to:

email: leducpeps@osp.ab.ca
phone: (780) 769-0700

Get Ahead of the Game!

If you already feel that you are interested before meeting, please fill out the pre-intake form for the location you are interested in (link to form is below.)

This will allow us to understand what you are looking for before we meet!

PEPS Leduc / Nisku is Funded by
The Government of Alberta