Your Community is Diverse, Champion It!

Creating opportunities between youth and the community, OSP assists community-minded youth by supporting them to design a campaign highlighting the importance of diversity. With the goal to provide opportunities for growth, we have developed a free, online program to promote inclusion in Edmonton.

Diversity Awareness & Skill Building Youth Program

Are you a passionate advocate for diversity & inclusion?

If you identify within the communities of women, indigenous peoples, visible minorities, LGBTQ2+, or persons with disabilities; the Diversity Awareness and Skills Building Youth Program is designed to set the stage for youth (aged 15 – 30) to pursue a self-directed volunteer diversity initiative!

Program Components

Experience and Education

Interactive online zoom sessions to enhance your knowledge and understanding of diversity; from self-discovery workshops to guest speakers and more!


Increase your social network. Become an ”agent for change” while making lifelong friendships with people from diverse backgrounds.

Execution Evaluation

Design your very own initiative, project, or campaign to address diversity/inclusion in your workplace or school such as rallies, anti-bullying campaigns, and diversity celebrations.

You will engage in mentorship opportunities to strengthen your knowledge of diverse cultures and collective identities, acquire the knowledge on what it takes to be a strong ally of community support for other marginalized groups, discuss productive ways to manage micro-aggressions and be your own advocate, earn a certificate and possibly work with your school to earn up to 120 volunteer hours and education credits.

youth program
youth program 2

Join us and gain knowledge, skills and tools to:

  • Foster community development
  • Educate others about bias and discrimination
  • Understand barriers to inclusion
  • Build professional and personal experiences

Program components include:

  • Experience to gain new skills
  • Education to build knowledge
  • Engagement with communities
  • Execution to make an impact
  • Evaluation and feedback to grow

For More Information

To learn more, please direct all enquiries to: or call: 780-784-7167

Or to reserve your spot, fill out the contact form. A representative will reach out to register you and welcome you to the program.

The program is designed to offer the following:

  • Live online training sessions,
  • A diversity training certificate,
  • Receive professional references,
  • Engage in community volunteer opportunities
  • Connection to local diversity advocates and resources

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