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OSP is Partnering with Dogs With Wings

Meet DWW Silver!

On Site Placement is excited to announce a partnership with Dogs With Wings, sponsoring the cost of training our newest OSPer DWW Silver, to one day become an Assistance Dog. This partnership felt right to us. Besides many of us being dog lovers, OSP strongly advocates for employment accessibility for all, so we are pleased to support an organization whose mission is to foster integration and independence for individuals with disabilities by providing them with highly trained assistance dogs and aftercare. These partnerships between dogs and their humans can be key for the individual to be able to participate in many aspects of life including employment.

Dogs With Wings is celebrating a milestone of 25 years of providing services in the Edmonton area. As an accredited member of Assistance Dogs International and a member of Canadian Association of Guide & Assistance Dog Schools, they train and place guide, service, autism support and companion dogs. For more information on Dogs with Wings, or if you are interested in donating, sponsoring or volunteering with them, please go to their website:

We are delighted to share the journey of DWW Silver as he learns how to become a helper to whoever his human will be. We will be posting updates on Silver, but also more information about assistance dogs, employment accessibility and other employment related topics in the coming weeks.

Please check in often!

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