OSP is offering new innovative programming to assist individuals struggling with mental health to return to work.

Prioritized Employment Preparation Services

PEPS Workshops and Services are intended to support the career, learning and employment needs of Albertans, struggling with mental health.

If you are making an employment transition, whether you are currently employed and wanting to change careers or are returning to the workforce or were recently laid off, our free workshops will help you develop a plan and get started! Register today to reserve your spot.

PEPS Workshops

Interactive sessions to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the current labour market, career planning and making informed career decisions, networking, navigating the hidden job market and more!

Online Client Portals

Each participant will have their own online profile to access tools, videos, training kits and more!

Career Advisor

To help you prepare for employment through personality assessments, resume development, interview skills and job maintenance supports!

PEPS (1)

Participate to strengthen your knowledge of local labour markets, understand how your personality and your skills best fit an occupational sector. Get started on your journey to achieving your employment goals.


Reserve your spot. Are you:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Experiencing a barrier to employment-related to a mental health challenge
  • Able to access and navigate a self-directed online program
  • Ready, willing and able to pursue employment or further education upon completion

If so, reserve your spot and register by completing the form


We offer the following to each of you:

  • Career and employment workshops to help you find your next opportunity
  • Understanding of how to connect your strengths and abilities to the labour market
  • Awareness of high demand occupations
  • And more...

    What is your employment goal?

    Which sector are you interested in?

    Do you have a current resume?
    Are You on Income Support?

    Additional information

    One of our team members will follow up with getting you started in this exciting innovative service.

    Job Search

    Join us! Gain knowledge, skills and tools to:

    • Create a Career Plan
    • Prepare for, find and maintain employment
    • Understand barriers and tips to manage them
    • Build professional and personal experiences

    Program components include:

    • Experienced facilitators
    • Education to build knowledge
    • Self-directed virtual delivery
    • Access to a Career Advisor for individualized supports

    For more details:

    Email: training@osp.ab.ca

    Phone: 780-784-7162