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We are here to help.

Prioritized Employment Preparation Services

PEPS Workshops and Services are intended to support the career, learning and employment needs of self-motivated, independent Albertans, who are looking to upgrade their skills to meet the demands of the current job market.

If you are an ambitious professional making an employment transition, or an eager, motivated individual interested in qualifying for a new sector, but you are feeling overwhelmed and struggling with making the transition happen, our free workshops, individual career advising, mental health supports, and certification credits will help you develop a plan and get started! This fully funded vocational rehabilitation service is provided by dedicated professionals, will help launch you towards your career goals, at no cost to you! Register today to reserve your spot.


PEPS Workshops

  • Interactive sessions
  • enhance your understanding of the current labour market
  • career planning
  • networking
  • navigating the hidden job market and more!


  • Standard First Aid
  • OH&S
  • additional $500 credit towards courses and tickets in industry of your choice.
  • OR $250 towards continuing education fees.

Career Advising

  • Qualified professional advisor
  • Individualized career advising sessions
  • Access to career and personality assessments,
  • Resume development support
  • Interview preparation
  • Job maintenance supports
  • Mental Health supports and referrals

Prioritized Occupational Sectors

What do you need to get to where you want to be in your career? Identify and target high hiring sectors that suit your job skills and interests! Still need qualifications? No problem!  We can get you on your path to success by assisting you to up-skill; enrolling and paying for industry specific certifications, applications to continuing education, and simply providing assistance to you so you are better prepared to sell yourself and your skills to potential employers.


Client Feedback

"There were countless... items and situations during which the joy of working with OSP shone through and it would take me too long to list all such items! I ended up getting the job that OSP helped me out with so much. Based on my experience, I cannot thank.... or recommend OSP enough. "

Mo, Edmonton, AB

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For more details:

Email: peps@osp.ab.ca

Phone: 780-784-7162


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  • An enthusiastic, self-motivated learner?
  • Over 18 years of age?
  • Proficient in technology and able to navigate an online, self-directed program?
  • Ready, willing and able to pursue employment or further education upon completion?

If so, PEPS could be right for you! Reserve your spot and register by completing the following form. 

We offer the following to each of you:

  • Interactive career and employment workshops.
  • Earn Standard First Aid, WHMIS, and OH & S Certifications.
  • $500 Credit towards additional certifications of your choice.
  • Or $250 towards continuing education fees.
  • Mental Health Supports and Referrals.

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