Join the CDS Team as a Product Demonstrator. Apply Today for our November 16th Hiring Event with OSP!

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When you wear our blue apron and your CDS nametag, you are representing not only CDS, you personify the brands that you are demonstrating at Costco. We don't take this responsibility lightly, and we are always looking for workers who will feel the same way we do.

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Are YOU a people person with an interest in promotion?

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If yes, we are looking for you!

OSP is supporting CDS to fill multiple positions for Product Demonstrators. If you are motivated, responsible, people-oriented, and always ready to learn, you may be a great fit!

To sign up for our hiring event, send in your resume before November 13th, and put November 16th in your calendar. Once we receive your application, we will give you the details of the next steps!

the job.

Position Summary

Part Time Product Demonstrator at Costco Nisku.
Generate brand awareness through product sampling.
Drive sales through product sampling.

$15.50 per hour  |  12 hours to 30 hours

Location of Work

            Costco Nisku

            2584 46 Ave East

            Edmonton International Airport


Key Responsibilities

  • Prepare and demonstrate food and non-food vendor products to Costco members.
  • Engage with members in a friendly, enthusiastic, and outgoing manner.
  • Dynamically drive sales by positive product impressions.
  • Set up and shut down merchandise carts according to Food Safety and Safety protocols including but not limited to end of shift closing duties.
  • Assist other Product Demonstrators as required in a team-oriented and inclusive environment.

Minimum Qualification

  • Experience in retail/grocery, sales, food service/restaurant and customer service are highly desirable.
  • Basic skills in preparing and cooking food.
  • Basic computer skills
  • At least 2 to 3 days availability including one day per weekend.
  • Stand comfortably for a minimum of 6 hours up to 8 hours per shift.

the company.

Company Profile

CDS is the in-house product demonstration company for Costco and its vendors. We are owned by Daymon Worldwide, Inc, a division of Advantage Solutions, which is a leader in providing outsources sales and marketing solutions to consumer good companies and retailers.

CDS was founded in 1988 and started in-house demos in 16 Costco locations in the West Coast of the United States. Over the past 30+ years, we have continued to grow internationally into 12 countries. We launched in Mexico in 1992, then in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Spain, France, Canada, China, New Zealand, and Sweden.

In Canada, we established in 2017 and we’ve been serving smiles and samples in all Costco locations. In 2018, we joined Advantage Solutions, further expanding the Advantage footprint and supporting the road to becoming a public company in 2020.

We base our success on our longtime relationship with Costco, the high quality of our Product Demonstrator and our strong execution rate.

next steps.

a purple square that says "apply today" in green letters with a white line drawing of a computer above it, and the words "email your resume to leducpeps@osp.ab.ca"


OSP will collect the resumes and review and assess them.

Candidates that are a great fit for the role will be contacted with an invitation for an interview.

Representatives from CDS will be on-hand to conduct the interviews on November 16th.

We can help you with your employment goals!

On Site Placement Leduc is a new location for OSP, and has already successfully connected multiple Leduc and area jobseekers to employment. If this event is not for you, connect with us to see if we have any other resources for you.