Nick Scott, executive director

Big News!

On Site Placement is pleased to announce that we have a new Executive Director at the helm! 

 Nicholas Scott  brings both private sector experience, and non-profit board work to his role as Executive Director. With many years of experience in management, followed by management consulting in strategic planning, logistics and management coaching. Nick plans to be a steadying hand at OSP, overseeing our organizational processes, while charting our direction for the future.

 I am delighted to take on the role of Executive Director of OSP! It’s mission is one that I deeply believe in. The people who work at OSP are a lesson in dedication and commitment, and I am fortunate to be in a position to work with them to support Edmontonians to employment.

Nick Scott, Executive Director

In his role at OSP, Nick will carry on the work started by Donna Garvin and Helena Burke over 40 years ago. OSP started as a small organization providing employment support to individuals with medical disabilities. From these small beginnings, OSP has grown to support thousands of individuals to employment, while advocating for diversity and inclusion in our communities and workplaces. 

 The need for employment support has never been so strong. With the current stage of economic recovery, OSP is seeing many individuals come through our door who just need that boost to achieve their employment goals. We are dedicated to constantly responding to what is needed and always put our clients first. 

 Both the OSP board and the employees of OSP are very pleased to welcome Nick to the role. He has shown himself to be a compassionate leader, dedicated to collaboration with Edmonton service agencies to provide client-centred services. We are excited to see how OSP can continue to serve our community in this next chapter of our history.

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