On Site Placement currently offers the following programs and services to individuals experiencing long-term barriers to work. 

Barriers include disabilities and long-term medical conditions. Barriers may be physical, psychological, emotional, and more. Our clients are each unique and face individual challenges. At OSP, we work to accommodate each of our clients and empower them to achieve their goals. 

Unsure if you qualify for any of OSP's programs? Contact us and one of our program managers will be happy help!


Links Centre

A unique career and employment resource centre designed specifically for persons with disabilities or ongoing medical conditions.

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Employment Links Program

This program assists individuals experiencing barriers to work in connecting with employers to achieve employment that matches their skills and abilities.

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Futures Program

This program assists individuals ages 18-30 who have not worked for a long time or have been under-employed. Participants work to achieve employment, self-employment, or further their education.

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Burke Temporary Employment Agency

The only temp agency in Alberta designed specifically for those with disabilities or medical conditions, we strive to find our workers temporary assignments that match their abilities.

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