Benefits of Inclusive Hiring

Add value to your business and build a safe and supportive culture.

When you hire a person with a disability you'll add a resilient, committed and skilled member to your team.  Don't have a permanent role to fill? Our social enterprise helps people facing barriers access employement through cleaning, maintence and delivery services.  Contact us to learn how you can change a life by partnering with OSP for services.

Drive Results

Research shows that companies with a strong commitment to hiring people with disabilities tend to outperform the competition in revenue growth.

Make a Difference

You can change the life of a person with a disability and the broader community when you help them contribute in a meaningful way.

Save Time and Money

Partnering with OSP means you will save time and money recruiting, screening and training new employees.

Improve Morale

Inclusive hiring and support for people with disabilities help demonstrate to all employees that they are accepted for who they are.

Qualified Candidates

OSP can train potential employees in WHIMIS, First Aid, Food Safety, Forklift and more.

Gain Recognition

Word spreads quickly when organizations support their communities. Inclusive hiring can enhance your public image.

Tell us how we can help!

Do you have a position available within your company? Would you like to promote diveristy and build an inclusive culture? We can help you find a permanent team member or you can hire our social enterprise for cleaning, maintence, or delivery services while supporting people living with disabilties.

Hire through OSP

OSP is here to help!  Contact us to find out more about accessing the services of OSP and our social enterprise.

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