Learn How to Manage Stress and Conflict

In our life skills seminars you will learn tactics and tips on how to cope with stressful situations and manage conflict.

 If you have a  condition like anxiety or depression it can be challenging to deal with the stress, especially at work.

Our life skills workshops have been designed to help people suffering from mental illness deal with stress and conflict at work.  You will learn valuable tactics to remove or reduce stress and deal with a variety of people and situations.

These seminars are offered at no cost to people suffering from anxiety, depression or other mental or physical disabilities.  Interested? Pre-registration is required so call, email or submit the form below to sign-up.


Managing Anxiety and Depression | April 25  1-3 pm | 200, 10025 – 106 Street, Edmonton

Conflict Resolution  | April 30  10-12 pm | 200, 10025 – 106 Street, Edmonton

Manage Stress at Work | Coming Soon

Call  780.488.8122, email info@osp.ab.ca, or fill out the form below for more information.