Partner with OSP

Employer Information

We offer quality work at competitive prices contributing to the success of our business community partners.

Our qualified workers are matched to meet job expectations and employer needs.

We have been providing services for over 10 years.

The Agency

  • Provides qualified workers
  • Accept short notice requests
  • Competitive Rates

Employer Benefits and Savings

  • Agency staff coordinate and schedule temporary worker(s) in accordance with the employer’s job requests
  • Agency staff are able to provide initial worker training and supervision; if required
  • Follow up services are provided to ensure successful completion of service(s)
  • Worker payroll services provided
  • WCB coverage included

Diversify Today!

We are always interested in expanding our network and taking on new challenges! If you have an opportunity and would like to partner with OSP, Please contact OSP or complete the form below.